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Crazy date!

A few years ago I arranged to meet this woman for a first date. I suggested we meet up in a public place, so we ended up meeting in Manchester City centre. We shopped for a bit and then decided to go to a restaurant for dinner. The night was going great until my date's neighbours (an older couple) also came into the restaurant. They spoke to my date and the 2 women on the table next to us. these 2 women turned out to be my date's mother and gran. Yes, she had rang them to get them to come to the restaurant on some covert mission to check me out. The older couple coming into the restaurant...

Hole in pants

I usually wear the same jeans for 4-5 days in a row and then wash them and switch to another. Today was the 4th day I've been wearing the same pair of jeans and I was out on a first date with a coworker. I really like this girl and it took me about a month to finally ask her out. Anyways I thought the date went great and I got home and decided to do some laundry. I took off my pants and as I was putting them in the machine I saw a massive hole in the back of my pants. Right on the bum. The worst part was I was wearing tighty whities! I really hope she didn't see it but I'm not sure how she...

Answered the door stark naked!

There was a time in my life when I had worked night shift (10pm-6am) and sometimes longer for overtime. This particular night I had went into work around 9pm and didn't clock out until around 8am the next morning. I was completely exhausted when I had gotten home and because I had forgotten to turn the air on,my apartment was really hot. Not really thinking I turn the air on,strip off my scrubs and fall into bed. About an hour later,I hear a knock at my door; still half asleep,I manage to get up and answer the door. It was a policeman that seemed embarrassingly surprised to see me....

Funny Menu Translation

Straw mushroom fish spoiled

Deadly Sashimi

The salmon punctures the body