Answered the door stark naked!

There was a time in my life when I had worked night shift (10pm-6am) and sometimes longer for overtime. This particular night I had went into work around 9pm and didn’t clock out until around 8am the next morning. I was completely exhausted when I had gotten home and because I had forgotten to turn the air on,my apartment was really hot. Not really thinking I turn the air on,strip off my scrubs and fall into bed.

About an hour later,I hear a knock at my door; still half asleep,I manage to get up and answer the door. It was a policeman that seemed embarrassingly surprised to see me. Red-faced,he got straight to the point and questioned me about a name I didn’t recognize. Realizing he had the wrong address,still red-faced, he politely apologizes and quickly leaves. I closed my door wondering what was wrong with him when I realized exactly why he had acted so strange….I had answered the door completely naked! I was mortified. lol

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mj April 1st, 2012 at 12:37 am

Policemen (and women) are used to people answering the door in various states of undress (and inebriation). I’m sure you knew you were naked when you went to the door. The breeze surely tipped you off.

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