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Crazy date!

A few years ago I arranged to meet this woman for a first date. I suggested we meet up in a public place, so we ended up meeting in Manchester City centre. We shopped for a bit and then decided to go to a restaurant for dinner. The night was going great until my date's neighbours (an older couple) also came into the restaurant. They spoke to my date and the 2 women on the table next to us. these 2 women turned out to be my date's mother and gran. Yes, she had rang them to get them to come to the restaurant on some covert mission to check me out. The older couple coming into the restaurant...

Hole in pants

I usually wear the same jeans for 4-5 days in a row and then wash them and switch to another. Today was the 4th day I've been wearing the same pair of jeans and I was out on a first date with a coworker. I really like this girl and it took me about a month to finally ask her out. Anyways I thought the date went great and I got home and decided to do some laundry. I took off my pants and as I was putting them in the machine I saw a massive hole in the back of my pants. Right on the bum. The worst part was I was wearing tighty whities! I really hope she didn't see it but I'm not sure how she...

Puked on my dates brand new shoes

I went on a date with a cute girl and had a little too much to drink. I ended up puking on her brand new shoes. Needless to say that I didn't get a second date!

Fly open at work

So it was my second day and work and after I got off I went to meet my friend at the mall.  Shortly after I met up with her she pointed to my pants and my fly was open.  It wasn't just unzipped.  For some reason it was wide open like it had been pulled open. I thought back to when I last went to the washroom and it was shortly after lunch.  That means I was walking all around work with my fly that way and also in the mall.  I'm not sure if my colleagues saw it and were too embarrassed to tell me since it was only my second day!

Stuck in a tree

I was at my school and saw a basketball on the court. I had this idea of taking it and renting it out for money. I decided to climb a tree and hide it there, but I got myself entangled in the tree branches. I was going to fall but I managed to grab a branch. I was stuck for 2 hours until a janitor discovered me. To make things worse, the story was printed in the school paper!

Tighty Whities FTW

I'm in high school and I'm 16 years old. I was taking swimming classes for P.E, and I was absent one time so I needed to do makeup afterschool. On Wednesday the last period ended a few minutes early and I went over to the boy's locker room to change into my swimming trunks. My school is pretty small, so the changing room is pretty small too. I took off all my clothes and put on my super tight briefs that I wear under my swim trunk (its the briefs I wear specficially for swimming, so I outgrew it a year or so back, so that's why its so small). Anyways, so I was standing there in my tighty...

Walked in on my mother in law in the loo

I was at my in laws one night and accidentally walked in on my mother in law on the loo. I managed to stammer out a sorry and then turned around and closed the door. I told my wife about it but I'm not sure if my father in law knows. To this day I'm still embarrassed about it and I try not to go to the washrrom at my in laws place!

Male thong embarrassment

Me and my friend almost always get each other joke presents for our birthdays, so on my 17th birthday my friend got me an actual male thong. And not just your usual male thong but a leapard print male thong, when I saw it I didnt know what to say, but he told me as a joke I had to wear it all day. I laughed and said no way, but then later on that day I was curious to how it felt so before me and my friend went to go play tennis I slipped it on underneath my shorts, and it actually felt really good and I thought it didnt look bad on me either. Anyways later that day me and my friend came...

It pays when you dont where any underwear

Well i always dont where any underwear during basketball training which always ahd a bulge at the front. Nobody in the team knew i went commando until thursday. We were about to finish training ending of with a game. The cheerleading squad of our team were also practicing in the gym. I as usual did not wear any underwear. John was about to take shot. I jumped as high as i could to block him off. All of a sudden i felt a huge tug on my pants. Upon reaching the ground, i saw my pants on the ground. My worst nightmare had came true, i was being pantsed in public and my thing was showing.I...

College Dorm Room Torture

When I was a freshman in college I lived with three roommates. It was actually two dorm rooms connected by a common bathroom and study area. Now, the first thing to understand is that when I was 18, I weighed only about 130 lb., I was and really still am a pretty small guy. My other three roommates each outweighed me by 50 lb. or more. Well one thing that became a regular activity among my roommates was wrestling. They loved to have wrestling matches; it was one of those who’s the strongest competition that young guys love to engage in. I always did my best to avoid having any...