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Embarrassing Allergies

I was walking in the park during the summer when I saw my crush walking his dog. I told him his dog was cute and asked to pet it. I'm allergic to dogs but it was the only excuse i could think of (at the moment) to talk to him. So I pet his dog, pretending my eyes wern't iching and burning and I didn't have to sneeze. After awhile my allergies started getting the best of me and I started to sneeze. And once it started it couldn't be stopped, I couldn't help myself, I was sneezing non-stop. My crush quickly ended the conversation and left. When I got home (as if I wasn't embarrassed enough) I...

I peed myself!!

When I was 13, I had just moved to a new town so I didn't know anybody. My neighbour and her friends had a sleepover party thing and decided to invite me. I was sharing an air matress with one of the girls and I had to pee really bad. I had drinken almost 3 cans of pop and she only had one OCCUPIED bathroom. I thought I could hold it, but then I sneezed and the pressure of the sneeze actually made me pee myself. OMG it was sooo humilliating, but luckily nobody noticed, at least I hope not.

Exorcist moment!

Just finished drinking on a Friday night and I was already feeling pretty wasted. On the ride home (obviously not driving) I was feeling the alcohol up to my throat. I had gagged a few times and my girlfriend immediately gave me plastic bag from the back seat. It wasn't a long drive home so I thought I could hold it down, but as that thought came up, so did something else, now I was like a hamster stuffed with barf in my cheeks. My girlfriend (driving) was at a stop light and turned to me to see if I was okay, but what she saw was a replay of the exorcist barfing scene. I literally had...

Pool Fool!

I was with my friends at a party. We were in the backyard and I was standing next to the pool. Everyone was saying how hot and humid it was and how nice it would be to just jump into the pool with our clothes on. When the guy I had a crush on came over to talk to me and my friends. I thought I could make him laugh if I jumped into the pool with my clothes on, like everybody was talking about. The only difference was I actually did it. I carlessly jumped in like an idiot. And after I did it, I started laughing like it was the most hillarious daring thing anyone could ever do. But no one else...

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No, It’s a stripper!!!

i was playing truth or dare with my friends. It was my turn and i picked dare. They told me to jump in the lake naked. I did and when i was in the lake, they took my clothes and threw it to the park. I walked to the park and nude and they snapped pictures of me naked. I screamed. The next day, I saw my picture in YouTube!

Hide and Expose

We were having a program at school and need to change clothes. I hid behind the cabinet coz the bathroom was crowded. When I wasnt wearing anything, my "boy" classmate exposed me to everybody including my male adviser.

envious retribution

When I was 13, I had a"BFFL", who'd become very envious of me. When I was showering at her house, she had 2 guys come in, and pull the curtain on me. I never spoke to her after that.

Seen naked by EVERYONE

OK, we'd just had PE and, as usual, the PE teachers were simply in the staff room, doing nothing except come down for teaching lessons when they had to. So we'd just had rugby, and I was soaked. Being prepared for that, I'd brought spare boxers and a towel. So I started changing my boxers when Adam came up and stole my towel from around me and took my boxers from my hand! And having *ahem* not finished puberty shall I say, made it even more embarrassing. And as if that wasnt bad enough, the gits decided to humiliate me. Big style. Theyd obviously already planned it beforehand, as...

In the pub

I was on vacation in France and I met this girl who I really, really liked. I mean REALLY liked, I was crazy over her! So I decide I'm gonna ask her out. I take her over to the pub, which was deserted at that time, we were only teenagers but they let us in when it's light outside. So I go over to get the drinks, but cause my hands were shaking so much (I was pretty nervous) I dropped the drinks tray all over my pants (I got totally soaked in the wrong place). So she went to buy the drinks instead. We sat there for a while drinking coke, me looking like I'd pissed myself and this french...

Accidental nudity

my friend told me this story once: Our family began traveling to Maine when I was around 15. It's a gorgeous place but the water is frigid, and it took a couple of trips before I was willing to go in the water. I was finally inspired to do this because of a beach I found. It was so serene, so natural. I happened to have no bathing suit, but this was the kind of beach where you knew something like that wouldn't matter. So I took off my clothes, set them on some rocks, and then slipped into the water. It was freezing. I was only able to stand it for about 10 minutes of it, and then I...