Post your stupidous stories, images and video's!

Sent a naked picture of myself to the wrong person!

So I was dating a guy and we were hitting the 4 month mark. I decided to add some spice to the relationship and took a naked photo of myself to send to him. Unfortunately he has the same name as another guy friend of mine and I accidentally sent the photo to him instead! I was especially mortified when the guy I actually sent it to asked me out!

Caught nose picking while on the loo

I was at a restaurant the other night during a date and while I was sitting on the loo I was cleaning up my nose of boogers. I guess the lock wasn't working properly and some other lady walked right in on me! The door swung open so quickly I had no time to react! As if being caught sitting on the loo wasn't embarrassing enough I had ny finger up my nose. That was probably one of my most embarrassing stories.

Dangers of a unisex washroom

This is my embarrassing story: I used to live on a residence that had unisex bathrooms, this wasn't such a problem for me (since I could oogle the guys) until I had a "little" incident.  I had my period and was in my little cubicle about to change my tampon.  I heard someone come in but didn't think about it (people go to bathrooms all the time right, so what?).  However, I think I didn't close the cubicle door properly and my door swung open while I was just unwrapping a new tampon.  All I could do was look up while holding my clean tampon while I was sitting right there on the toilet!...

Lost Pantyliner

Once I was really desperate for the toilet when I was out and I started running all over the place looking for one.  I had to run through a huge field with lots of people on it but I found a toilet and started relieving myself.  When I was in there I noticed that my pantyliner was MISSING!  I searched my pants and everything but it wasn't there, somehow while I was running it had fallen out and onto the street!  I was so embarrassed and took a completely different route on my way back.  I have no idea who found it or if anyone saw it falling out of my trouser legs while I was running.

I dropped my food all over my crush!

I was by myself going into the lunch room trying to get my lunch as fast as i can so i can go to to the Office. So I get my food walk out of the lunch room, I see my crush outside. So he started walking up to me and i started walking up to him. My Pizza was out of my bag because i wanted to see what kind it was.. So Right when were about to hug (cause' were friends) I tripped and my pizza went all over his face! I was crying inside. I was stuttering begging him to forgive me but he smiled and said it was "Alright". I felt so embarassed.. from then. I've never bought lunch food again!

Clogged his toilet with my poo!

I don’t think anyone has a more embarrassing story than this one.  I really liked this guy and was at his apartment once.  I was in his bathroom and really needed to poo.  Usually I don’t do this in public but this time I really needed to go, so I did so in his washroom.  When I went to flush the toilet it clogged on me!  I spent forever in there trying to fix it and he started knocking on the door and asking me what was wrong.  In the end I had to let him in and he pulled out the toilet pump to fix it.  I was so embarrassed...

Doing a Marilyn Monroe

This happened sometime last year.  I got myself a new job as a secretary and since I wanted to make a positive first impression I went to get myself some new clothes.  In Florida, the heat in during the summer months is simple intolerable.  My car doesn’t have air conditioner and while I was driving one day I ran out of gas.  Anyway, while I was getting gas I thought people were staring at me but I thought I was being self conscious.  It was only when I caught someone staring at me from behind and realized my dress was blown up behind me and I was doing a Marilyn Monroe.

My most embarrassing high school story

This happened when I was still in high school.  My last class had ended and I couldn’t wait to get out of there. I also didn’t want anyone to see me because my mother was going to pick me up in one of the most tackiest vans possible. Unfortunately, my mother was already in the parking lot and everyone could see it.  I was already really embarrassed about getting in that car but when I went to grab the door it was locked and because I yanked it so hard and it was so old the handle on the door actually pulled off and I fell backwards onto the floor. Everyone in the parking lot saw...

crush roller coaster mishap

I was going to the fair with my crush . I was a little worried because he likes roller coasters . I was wearing my super short white shorts and fave pink top . I decided to go on a roller coaster with him . I had to pee , but went on the roller coaster before going . When the roller coaster went down the first hill , I totally wet myself in front of my crush ! I ran all the way home being humiliated . I still havent gotten over it .

Food stuck on face

I was eating at an Asian restaurant the other day with some friends and there was this really cute waiter serving our table.  I started making jokes with him and he had the sweetest smile on his face the entire time. I thought I would have a good chance at getting his number but when I turned to my friend she told me that I had a rice stuck on the side of my face next to my lip.  That's why he had the smile on his face the whole time we were talking. I was so embarrassed! However, he still asked me out and we have a good laugh over it even...