I blew my nose in her scarf!

A while back I was new in town and at my first new friend’s house. She was showing me this cute scarf she bought in New York, bragging about how expensive it was. I thought it was a rip-off, it was made out of thin cheap material, but she still loved it to death. Anyways, I was fixing my hair in her bathroom and I had some sort of allergic reaction to her airfreshener or something. So my eyes got all itchy and my nose was running. I had to sneeze and I grabbed her scarf by mistake. I sneezed in it and blew my nose carelessly. I was soo embarrassed that I could be so stupid so I hid the scarf under some towels under the sink.

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Terry November 28th, 2010 at 11:41 pm

That was wrong!!!

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