I sneezed in the peas!

I was at my friend’s house for dinner one night. We were all sitting around her table. I was really hoping to make a good impression on her family, just because I just started a new high school and she was my first friend. Her family was so polite, I was afraid to do or say anything wrong. I had just gotten over a really bad cold that I had a few days before. When the food was being passed around the table, her dad handed me the dish of peas. Suddenly out of nowhere I had this huge sneeze comming on, and before I even had a chance to turn my head, I sneezed right into the dish of peas, TWICE! omg her whole family stared at me and I was like “im sooooooo sorry.” My friend still laughs about it, but I try to avoid her parents and lets just say, I havn’t been invited for dinner there since.

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Terry November 28th, 2010 at 11:37 pm

Sorry, we all have those moments

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