It pays when you dont where any underwear

Well i always dont where any underwear during basketball training which always ahd a bulge at the front. Nobody in the team knew i went commando until thursday. We were about to finish training ending of with a game. The cheerleading squad of our team were also practicing in the gym. I as usual did not wear any underwear. John was about to take shot. I jumped as high as i could to block him off. All of a sudden i felt a huge tug on my pants. Upon reaching the ground, i saw my pants on the ground. My worst nightmare had came true, i was being pantsed in public and my thing was showing.I immediately covered myself up. This followed by the laughing of the cheerleading girls behind the basket who had seen the entire incident. I quickly ran to the direction of the boys room. From that day onwards i always wore boxers during basketball.

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