Male thong embarrassment

Me and my friend almost always get each other joke presents for our birthdays, so on my 17th birthday my friend got me an actual male thong. And not just your usual male thong but a leapard print male thong, when I saw it I didnt know what to say, but he told me as a joke I had to wear it all day. I laughed and said no way, but then later on that day I was curious to how it felt so before me and my friend went to go play tennis I slipped it on underneath my shorts, and it actually felt really good and I thought it didnt look bad on me either.

Anyways later that day me and my friend came back to his house and we were just hanging out in his room. My shirt became really sweaty so I was about to take it off. Right as I was pulling my shirt off my friends mom and 14 year old sister walked in the room because she was apperantly getting laundry. At this point I was standing right infront of them with my shirt stuck over my head. Right at that moment my friend decided it would be funny to pull my shorts right to my ankles. I was standing there infront of my friends mom and his sister with my shirt over my head wearing nothing but this little tight leapard print thong. As fast as I could I ripped the shirt off my head, covered my buldge with one hand and tried to pull up my shorts but my friend was stepping on them so it took me a good 5 seconds of struggling to get them up. At this point everyone was laughing. His mom just said “wow those are some nice panties” and then his sister said “ya those were some sexy undies” I was so embarrassed and now when ever I see his mom she always asks me if i’m wearing a thong.

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