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Pain or Green Tea Yogurt?

I'll take the green tea please

Caught nose picking while on the loo

I was at a restaurant the other night during a date and while I was sitting on the loo I was cleaning up my nose of boogers. I guess the lock wasn't working properly and some other lady walked right in on me! The door swung open so quickly I had no time to react! As if being caught sitting on the loo wasn't embarrassing enough I had ny finger up my nose. That was probably one of my most embarrassing stories.

Pizza Huh?

Pizza Hut --> Pizza Huh

Bucksstar Coffee

Starbuck's Coffee  -->  Bucksstar Coffee

As seen in a Japanese hospital

"Please get a punch at window No.2 No.3"

The punch is free but what a way to kick you when you're down

Porn Bakery

Anyone up for some phallic shaped baked treats?

Garden with Curled Poo

Seriously, only in China...

Homemade Babies for sale

Homemade babies! At a grocery store near you!