Tighty Whities FTW

I’m in high school and I’m 16 years old. I was taking swimming classes for P.E, and I was absent one time so I needed to do makeup afterschool. On Wednesday the last period ended a few minutes early and I went over to the boy’s locker room to change into my swimming trunks. My school is pretty small, so the changing room is pretty small too. I took off all my clothes and put on my super tight briefs that I wear under my swim trunk (its the briefs I wear specficially for swimming, so I outgrew it a year or so back, so that’s why its so small).

Anyways, so I was standing there in my tighty whities about to put on my swim trunk when the door to the changing room opens behind me. I was surprised (no one was there inside, and I didn’t expect anyone to come in), and I turned around and behind me came in a group of seniors two grades above. They looked at me and laughed at me, and I was embarassed as hell to be caught standing in my tighty whities, but that wasn’t even the worst part of it. I knew them and I knew they hated me (why they hated me is another story, so I won’t explain here) so I knew they would do something just to embarass me. I tried to get on my swim trunks in desperation but before I could, they grabbed me and they literally dragged me outside by force.

They didn’t punch me or anything, but they made fun of my tighty whities and I couldn’t get away cuz one guy was holding me. They just laughed at me and they started taking pictures of me with their cell phones and said they would send the pics to all my friends. Worst of all I was so embarassed I had an huge erection that stuck out so obviously I literally turned red, even though it was really cold since it was Feburary. The miraculous part was there wasn’t anyone else that witnessed this; except when they finally let me go after they got bored, I ran back to the locker room TO FIND IT LOCKED.

I just stood there for like a minute, cuz I couldn’t believe this was happening. (I learned after all this that Wednesday was CLEANING DAY for the pool, so they locked it up right afterschool. And obviously, I had my backpack and my clothes there.)

Well anyways, so I stood there in front of the locked door standing there in my tighty whities and at first I thought about going home, but I always came to school by riding my bicycle and it took about thirty minutes, and riding home in my tighty whities in broad daylight wasn’t something I was going to do. Fortunately, I didn’t end up walking around the school in my briefs looking for someone to open the door for me (which I was actually going to do since I had no choice), because the janitor came out from the girl’s changing room just then. I didn’t have to explain much (I guess it was pretty obvious what more or less happened, with me in my tight briefs looking desperate), and the janitor unlocked the door for me. I couldn’t bear to look at the janitor in the eye because I was so embarassed and I literally ran out of the place after I put my clothes on.

After that, the seniors called me names in hallways whenever I passed them, and they really DID send pics of me in my tighty whities to people I knew. The only good part about THAT was that I’m not that bad looking and I’m a runner, so I didn’t look THAT embarassing in the pics that were shown to me more times than I want to remember. (But trust me, it was still embarassing as hell.)

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Lydia January 26th, 2011 at 4:49 pm

That must have been awful… i am so sorry! my bf had almost something exactly like that happen to him once!

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