x-mas eve frenzy!!!

christmas eve my dad and my grandma pick my sister and i up to go eat dinner. this year we were invited to a party and we had to get there at seven p.m. so my dad picked my sister and i up.after that we went to go pick up my grandmother. lets just say…thats when the problem started. so we get to my grandmothers condo. to pick her up, and my father leaves outside to call my grandma to come outside(cauz we were there) and he leaves my sister and i in the car running with the keys inside. well my sister and i didnt realize that the doors were locked, so we wanted to switch seats wen we get outside to switch seats, all we heard was click!!! and we were all locked out of the car with the car running and the keys inside!haha great!!!:)(sarcasm)

so here we all are very mad outside locked out of our own car, and my grandma comes downstairs with her friend, who is drunk. and wen the drunk lady came downstairs with my grandma she offered us beers. well anyway the lady was drunk so wat can u say!! she was doing crazy stuff. so my dad calls a locksmith and they said they would get there in an hour to two hours. but we all tried to make the best out of it. i said “thank god that its not raining at least” five minutes later…it starts to rain! just wat we needed! so meanwhile many things happened… (by the way this was on christmas eve!!!! just to remind u)

anyway they finally got there like four hours later and we were feeling unpatient and wanting to leave already. thamk god that the drunnk lady had left already!!! and finally we got to the party at 11:00. we were supposed to get there at 7:00. so the people at the partty were so kind and waited for us to eat. thank god we all ended up safe and sound!!:))

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